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Busy Boards for Alzheimer's Disease

Are you aware that a busy board can help to reduce agitation and mentally engage your loved ones with dementia.

With Gracious Hearts Home Care Alzheimer's Care Program, we use these activity boards with our Alzheimer's/Dementia clients as a way to help with their fine motor skills, finger dexterity, and focus on their hand-eye coordination. Our dementia trained caregivers utilize these boards to help reduce agitation and to stay engaged with their clients. These boards contain familiar hardware and objects such as latches, knobs, or locks that a person with Alzheimer's disease can move backwards and forth, or switch from an open to close position.

Rather sit in silence, We'll introduce the activity boards to your loved ones with dementia as they are an excellent source of sensory stimulation and conversation starters. In addition to providing such great tactile stimulation they also aide in slowing the progress of memory loss. Although it may not look like a great deal, our dementia families and clients find great value in them!

You can find these wonderful boards online for purchase or you can even get creative and make them yourself!

How to make a busy board for dementia clients?

  1. Decide which items will go onto the board

  2. Gather Your Items and Plan the layout of your board

  3. Grab a particle board, foam boards, or poster boards

  4. Paint the board, a nice color will make it stand out

  5. Place your items on the board, make sure they are attached well

  6. Let your board dry and let the fun begin.

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