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Fall Prevention Education Meeting/ Raffle Giveaway

Today we had a very educational meeting for our caregivers! Fall Prevention!!! What's more important than that? Falls are one of the top leading reasons for rehospitalizations and what's better than to have your caregivers at home aware of how to prevent those from happening.

Tips includes: 1. Removing any home hazards such as visible clutter, spills, cords in walkways 2. Light up the living space. (turn on lights in bathrooms and bedrooms) store flashlights in easy to find places in case of power outages 3. Use Assistive Devices. this includes walkers and wheelchairs

4. Wear Sensible Shoes! wear socks or shoes with nonskid soles

Employee perks and appreciation were also given out today at the end of the meeting!

Congratulations to our Raffle Winner, Melissa! She's one of our prominent caregivers who attended today's meeting. Her name was drawn and she was very excited to receive her Coach pouch and umbrella.

Each of our attendants received a gesture of appreciation with a Walmart gift card right in time for the holiday prep!

Our meeting was a success and included those who attended via zoom! Our caregivers are amazing, we support them and we encourage them to grow in any way we can!

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