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Have you heard about our New RN Delegation Program???

We at Gracious Hearts Home Care always prided ourselves in giving exceptional care to our clientele. Today we are thrilled to announce the introduction of a higher tier of service, which could allow you to remain home in our care, even if more skilled needs arise.

By following the Texas Administration Code 225.6 and guidance from the Texas Board of Nursing, we now offer RN Delegation services. This is an addendum to our health and human services licensure whereby unlicensed personnel are trained by a Registered Nurse on how to perform specific skilled tasks in a home care setting.

The skilled tasks our caregivers would be able to perform are:

  • Administration of prescription medications such as, applying topical medications, administering eye drops, ear drops, inhalers, nebulizers, oxygen

  • Crushing oral medications to be given with food

  • Stomach tube nutrition and medication administration

  • Medications given by sublingual and other non-sterile routes

  • Blood Glucose monitoring and insulin injections

  • Non-sterile wound dressing changes

  • And More

All of this is done, of course with the coordination of a physician, home health or hospice agency.

We are looking forward to providing our clients with the highest level of service and even more peace of mind, knowing that an additional medical professional is overseeing their care!

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