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Home Care should= Stay SAFELY at Home

Choosing Home Care should be easy. Sometimes it isn't as easy as we would think. How do you know if it's the right pick for you. Here are some helpful questions to ask when picking a home care agency or individual.

  1. Are you Licensed by the State? Most of the States, not all, require agencies to be licensed and reviewed. Be sure to check with your state's health department

  2. How are your employees screened prior to hire? The agency/individual should be able to inform you of the hiring process to include whether background checks are completed

  3. Can the agency or individual provide references? Ask for professional references who have experience with working with the agency or individual.

  4. Are the Caregivers trained, insured, and/or bonded? Find out how the agency train and monitor the caregivers, if it's an individual, how are they trained and how do they keep up with education?

  5. Does the initial staff seem friendly and helpful? how is the person on the other end of the phone or on the other side of the desk? They should set the tone for the agency

  6. How does the agency handle expenses and billing? Ask for literature that explains all services and fees

  7. How does the agency handle staffing? Call ins, No Shows? how does the agency decide on the caregiver to send out?

  8. What makes you/your agency different from the others? This is because some have special trainings or programs that may benefit your loved one better such as dementia focus, rehab trained, or activities included

  9. When can services begin? this will tell you how much time is needed before the individual or agency will have some one available

  10. Who can we contact about problems or concerns if any should arise? There should be a simple solution to taking care of concerns and there should be someone available to address those concerns.

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