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Housekeeping duties of Home Care

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

What is housekeeping in caregiving?

Housekeeping in the home care setting include general tasks that may include kitchen work, dusting open surfaces/ sweeping and mopping floors, vacuuming around furniture, wiping down counters, washing and putting away dishes, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, taking out trash, changing sheets, and making the bed.

Light housekeeping duties Do Not include:

Moving around furniture

Washing windows

Hanging Blinds/pictures

Scrubbing carpets and floors

Garden work

Mowing the grass

Raking leaves

As a caregiver of Gracious Hearts Home Care, these tasks can be expected as a part of our caregiver duties with our companionship services.

For more information, please reach out to our team at (713) 701-7133 or visit our website at to get a free nurse's assessment completed at your location of choice.

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